How to set up your own freelance makeup artist business?

How can you set up your own beauty business like me?
As a passionate make up artist, you have probably dreamed of running your very own beauty business. I am here to help you along the path to your dream career by offering a few useful tips on how to start up your own mobile beauty business.

Declare yourself self employed 
The first thing you need to do is register yourself as self employed. So before you get distracted by Facebook, games  or make up websites, go online to find the appropriate application form which will allow you to register for National insurance, tax and VAT. This will not only help you with your tax preparation, but also secure you as a legal business entity.

Market Research 
Researching the local competition is a great way to find out what other artists are charging and what services and treatments they are offering. Your aim is to offer something unique from other beauticians, making your business stand out from the others. Why not try advertising a loyalty card scheme where the customer receives a free treatment after 5 paid ones?

You will be travelling to various clients houses which means your equipment should be portable, light and easy for you to carry up a flight of stairs if necessary. There are specialist suppliers which sell portable beauty equipment such as fold up tables, portable make up brush bags and slimline mirrors.

Make your business stand out from the crowd by including unique make up treatments. As well as offering wedding and party make up services, why not offer something like a make up pamper party, or make up tutorials?

Social media 

You can boost your businesses publicity by creating your own Facebook page and Twitter account. Keep it updated with special offers, photographs and make up tips and always respond to a customer as soon as you can. Encourage your clients to leave comments and reviews on your Facebook page and offer special discounts to Facebook fans. Customers will like the fact they can quickly book an appointment with you by sending a message via Facebook, rather than having to call up.

Being Active in your Professional Community Helps Strengthen Your Business

As a freelancer, you are a one woman (or man) show. Which is cool but one thing I miss about my old salon life is the sense of being a part of a group. The benefit of that group is that there is always someone who is more experienced with certain things that can help you with the things you are just learning. You can share tricks of the trade and helpful things you discover.

When you are trying to figure out the best way to do something, that you haven’t become a pro at (yet!), you can totally Google it and probably find all kinds of answers. Maybe. It just may take you some time to get to the answer that works for you, or your industry.

One resource that I have found myself using multiple times this week, for different things, is   Facebook.  I am in a few private Facebook groups that relate to different interests. I find that posting in here gives me much better, and often faster, results than sharing a status to my “friends” list. Although I did ask if anyone I knew had a freezer for sale and within 24 hours had picked up a very nice one for my garage for a very good price, it couldn’t have been easier. But I digress….

Just this week I was able to post and get very good (and fast!) feedback on some questions and how to do some things I had been struggling with. For example, I learned some great tips on SEO for my YouTube channel (you can subscribe here) and also how to back up my websites.

There are also some opportunities for creating your community with in person meet ups. These are great for establishing relationships in your area. I know I refer (and get referred) tons of work from makeup artists and stylists in the community where I live. We all get more when we share the wealth and keep each other busy than when we operate under the mentality of scarcity. Thats never cool.

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Having your own business and working independently is great. I love it. But there is a lot to be said for having a strong community of people who do what you do and being able to support each other.

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Guest Artist Interview, CryssWin Beauty

In order to keep everyone inspired, I am going to do a monthly feature of a successful artist and their story of breaking into the business. You have heard all about how I got started and last month I shared Chris’s story. Now, allow me to introduce the talented Crystal Winstead, as the founder,  of CryssWin Beauty.
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How did you get started and what brought you to the beauty industry?
I was always fashionable as a child, so that was a gift..and I decided to take my talents to NYC because I had 2 goals in life, 1, to do what i love to do as a job and way to create income, and 2, to maximize the income level as much as possible, and what better way was it to live in a fashion capital, and 1 of the most profitable cities in the world!! NYC!! So I packed up and moved to NYC to become a fashion stylist! I accomplished that, & would curiosly be intrigued by the lives of the people on video or photography set! I’d be like, “hmmm, I wonder how it is to have their job”..whether it was the photographer, model, makeup or hair stylist. I’ve modeled before but honestly I still am curious about hair & photography, however Makeup spoke to me. I admired how, unlike me, they carried small cases to the green room unpacked, packed back up, and were off…lol!! Meanwhile, I had loads of bags, shoes, accessories, etc. to prep for & pack up at the end of session. After fashion styling became a stalemate for me, I got the inkling to explore makeup while listening to an audiobook, “101 Power Thoughts,” that suggested that I be courageous enough to try a new career!! I found a quick makeup course, and, the rest was history…
What do you specialize in? (events, production, in studio work, hair or makeup, both?)
My specialty is enhancing natural beauty from the inside out! Meaning, I inspire self-reflection & self-empowerment while I apply makeup to the face.
What is the coolest client or gig you have ever landed?
My favorite was & is studying under Emmy Award winning Elena George, assisting her with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts’ makeup at the top of the morning! They are both beautiful women! The biggest gig was applying makeup for Samuel L. Jackson’s wife, LaTonya Richardson…she was so humble & amazing!!
What product or tool is your favorite, can’t live without?
The products I can’t live without are my M.A.C. Eyebrow Pencils and M.A.C. Prolongwear Concealers, I love them!!
What was the biggest challenge to starting your own freelance business? How do you stay motivated?
The biggest challenge is believing in one’s self! Understanding that your best is your best at that particular time! The second challenge is relying on the business aspect, like accounting, marketing, staff, etc., and not just the creativity of makeup art itself!
I stay motivated because I no longer chase a dream, I allow my passion to lead me;) It drives me and tells me what I need to know at all times!! So, the same goes for you, believe in you, keep taking action everyday, no matter how small, & let your passion live through you! You can do it!
Want to know more about CryssWin Beauty?
CryssWin Beauty is now based in Virginia & frequenting New York City for business and education! She can be reached at:
Crystal Winstead , the face of CryssWin Beauty, is a Professional Makeup Artist & an advocate of Tyra Banks’ “Beauty Inside & Out: B.I.O. Campaign”. A Virginia-bred supernova, she’s pushed past VA’s & state’s limits, & made a name for herself in New York City’s fashion & beauty industry. Frequent childhood dreams of being an artist, rapidly consumed her mind… thus, making it a reality became pivotal!!! Basking in the works of renowned makeup artists, Sam Fine, Bobbi Brown, Petra Alexandra & Kevyn Aucoin, made specializing in natural beauty makeup second-nature. Commitment to excellence and self-confidence is the virtue celebrated with each brush stroke. Her career has led her to working with NY Fashion Week, web & print publications, TV stations, & beauty and bridal services. She’s available for red carpet, special events, lessons, and print advertisements.
some of the photo credits for the attached images in this email:
richard davis

Why Blogging is Important in YOUR Business!

My blog ( has been a HUGE factor in getting my name out there as a freelancer. It is great for SEO for my website and a lot of people hire me because they have found my website. It is also a great platform for establishing yourself as an expert.

Check out this post on creating your online identity.  The book I reference in that post is like bible of getting started as a blogger.Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.22.15 AM

I love blogging because it is a great creative outlet and allows me to play around some concepts that I want to try out. It also lets me talk about my fun projects in more detail that I would on my website. I may post all of these photos from a stylized shoot, like this one, on the blog and only select few on the website.

Last year I started adding videos to the blog from my YouTube channel. That is a lot of fun. For me, video is a great way to express myself and use my voice. This is fun but it is really time consuming and it took a little while to learn the basics.Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.03.30 PM

One thing that I can’t stress enough is the importance of finding your voice. For example, I love writing and I also love video, so blogging/vlogging works for me. Whatever you enjoy most, you can can use that in some form of social media to show your clients more about what gets you excited for work and pleasure. Clients like to get to know you, so have fun!

Consistency is super important, so make sure to pick a medium that you enjoy updating regularly. It is totally up to you if you want to update daily, weekly, monthly, etc. But whatever you pick, stay consistent, otherwise people may think you are flaky or not working any more. You don’t want that!

If writing or video seems like too much of a time investment, consider some “micro-blogging” options. Some great examples of micro-blogging are a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. I guess Pinterest could be on there too!Instagram

What would you choose as your blogging (or micro-blogging option, and why?) What is do you think is the best consistency for you? Share in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

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Streamline and Save Time

You know that two of my favorite things are saving time and saving money. I recently shared some of my favorite money saving tips here and then a follow up post that was kind of a combo of both time/money savings here.


If it is in your budget, you can get an assistant to help you get twice as much work done. My budget was always on a shoe string when growing my business and this little chihuahua side kick of mine, Jasmine, doesn’t work as hard as I do. If you follow me on Instagram (@emilyhudspeth), you will see alot of Jasmine sleeping. But back to the original message, choosing your streamlining efforts wisely.

Today is all about streamlining to save time. One thing that is super critical to keeping myself on track is making sure to schedule EVERYTHING and to have systems that make things happen automatically.

For example, when I write a blog post, I automatically schedule it to post when I want then I head on over to and schedule that to be posted to my Facebook pages (personal and business fan pages), and Twitter. That way I know that it is going to be scheduled to go out automatically at least 10 times over the next month. If you want people to see your posts, make sure it doesn’t get lost in all that Facebook feed clutter out there. This is a simple step that takes only a minute and you can rest easily knowing that your content is going out when you want it to.

When I discovered a site call , it totally changed my life. Ok, that may be extreme but it streamlined some things to make my life easier. If you are on multiple social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), you may feel like it is a lot to keep up with. I know I do!  With you can create “recipes” for social media interactions. These recipes are based on an “if this” happens, then “that” will happen. For example, If I post a photo on Instagram that has the #beauty in the description, that photo will be posted to my Facebook business page for my makeup artist business.


So, not all Instagram photos go there. Fans are not interested in the daily photo of my sleeping doggie, Jasmine.  The photos that are related to my business are sent there only when they have the #beauty in the description. Pretty cool, right!

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Chris Milone Interview

How did I find such a fabulous artist like Chris to share with you? Well, I asked and I received.  Yep, it was that easy. In a business coaching program that I am currently working on, I posted in our group that I am looking for interesting, successful stylist/makeup artists to feature here. Boy did I hit the jackpot with Chris!

Thanks so much to Chris for sharing your answers with us. Keep your eyes out for the next interview. As usual, we will have a new post each week and feature at least one artist per month. If you (or someone you know) would like to share your story, please contact me!

Now, for our Q & A with Chris!

How did you get started?

I got my start with makeup in theater, I used to be a dancer and had many girl friends who always wanted me to do their makeup. Many said I was very good at it, so I tried retail for a while. That lasted about 6 years, till I hated it so hard I needed a change, so I said I want to do this professionally, I want to work fashion week and film and television. I quit the retail world and went to makeup school for FX, while there building my book and doing photo shoots, also working on Inde. films. worked my butt off then eventually applied to the Makeup union. Long story short I got in, and here I am.meairbrush

What brought you to the beauty industry?

I have Always been fascinated by makeup even from an early age, watching my mother put on makeup. Halloween was always my favorite holiday, love to just create different disguises. Retail was really my first venture into the industry, I learned a lot, and the training i got there laid the roadblocks to where I am today. Working with different faces and skin tones it’s a good training ground.

What do you specialize in?
Well I am a Makeup Artist, that does just about everything. From Beauty to Special effects to Body painting.
What is the coolest client or gig you have ever landed?
Well that would have to be touring the world with Madonna, Twice. Its a wild ride, I got to see the world, and work for one the biggest and greatest pop stars ever.
What product or tool is your favorite, one that you can’t live without?

My brushes are really important to me, I have every brand under the sun but my all time favorites are from a japanese brand Hakuhodo.

What was the biggest challenge to starting your own freelance business? How do you stay motivated?

It can be scary at first but starting out in this business is not easy, it’s getting very over saturated with artists making the paid work very hard to come by. So getting the paying clients and keeping them is the hard part. It all comes down to networking and staying on people’s ray-dars. I love what I do and am very lucky to be making a decent living doing what I love, that in itself is motivation enough. You get some slow periods and just when you start to panic the phone always rings with work, usually all for the same day too haha.
Any other tips or advice you would give to someone just starting?
NETWORK!! with everyone and everywhere. also keep it simple. Many new artists make the mistake of going full on with makeup but restraint is key, clean and simple beauty brings in the paying jobs.
Keep up with Chris on his website here and social media!
Twiiter @Chrismaquillage
Some of Chris’s newest work
154571_10151199942536003_1738026894_n 269629_10150237103361003_6967503_n

What is your why?

Sometimes, especially when we are working on building our businesses as freelance artists, you can feel alone since you are probably running a one woman/man show. We all have those days, were the to do list can be a struggle and we need to remind ourselves why we got started int this.

This is important, not only when you are first getting started, but after you have been working for awhile, to remember your why.  I challenge you to do this, if you haven’t already, tell me WHY you are decided to work in the beauty industry.


When you are crystal clear on your WHY, it can be a little easier to understand HOW to get there. So tell me, why do you want to work as a stylist or makeup artist? Why is this important to you and why are you doing this for you? Why are you doing this for your friends/family/clients/community?

Next, what are the 3 most important key words to describe your WHY? Would you use words like Fun, Freedom, Support, Beauty, Create, Money, Happy..

For your action step, I challenge you to remember those 3 words each time you start a new project. Remember them when you get a new client call/email, remind yourself of that when you are having the best or maybe not so great day at work. These 3 words will bring you back to your WHY and help you stay focused to keeping moving ahead.

Use this task to set yourself apart from others you may be tired and feeling the burn out. Use it to stay laser focused on things that are most important to you!

Remember this, your why is probably what you would do if the money didn’t matter. If you forgot what that was all about, go back to this post and watch this video. 


Money Saving Tips

When it comes to building your professional makeup kit, you may experience the occasional sticker shock. Makeup is expensive, right!  Not to mention, the tools necessary to apply it! Don’t worry, before you go around paying full price for things, start here first.

Here are some of my money saving tips:

First, check out this giveaway, FREE stuff is a great way to save money:)


-If you are a licensed cosmetologist or a student, you can purchase products from your local supply store, AT COST, which is about 50% off of retail. I LOVE Cosmoprof, see if there is one in your area.

-Make sure to take advantage of awards perks from places like CVS. Their ExtraBucks Beauty Club rewards will give you money back for every $50 or so of purchases. You are also available for special coupons too! I get free stuff here all of the time. For more on my adventures in couponing and getting free stuff, you should subscribe to get my blog to your email.


-Are you a Sephora Beauty Insider? For each purchase you make, you earn points that you can redeem in free products! If you don’t love the products they have, you can roll your points onto your next purchase. Its free to sign up!


-Attend a trade show. I know people who save their pennies all year to travel to IMATS or THE MAKEUP SHOW and buy all the products for their kits there. You can score some really sweet deals and get some great education too! I got some AMAZING things and learned so much from the Makeup Show in NYC last year. NYCMakeupShow-1

– Make sure you have access to professional discounts for the products you love and purchase often. Have you signed up for the email list (just look at the top of this page, under the logo, put in your name and email, hit GIVE IT TO ME). I will send you a list of everything you need in your kit + how to apply for all the professional discounts. Some are free and some have an annual membership fee.

I asked in my Beauty Blogger groups for their suggestions and here’s what they had to say….

Justina’s Gems says she likes to buy things in sets on QVC or Sephora. Oftentimes, instead of buying a bronzer for $30 they will have a bronzer, primer, and a blush for the same price. It really helps build her collection!

Madame B Fatale also recommended making sure to take advantage for programs like Back to Mac (check out my video on on that here).

She also reminded me about ordering in bulk. Just this week I stocked up on lashes, you probably saw that on Instagram if you follow me @emilyhudspeth.

Get your lashes here, they have every kind of lashes and every kind of glue. Its pretty awesome!
Madame Madeline is your online Shoppe for discount Ardell False Eyelashes, Andrea Lashes, and hundreds of false eyelashes.Image-7

Being on this email list (just put in your name and email above and hit GIVE IT TO ME in orange) has so many ways you can save money. First you will get my guidelines to creating a great professional makeup kit. Then you will get the list of all the pro discounts and how to apply for them.

And you will get awesome emails like this one reminding you when we have giveaway and great specials, like the current one for saving $200 on the March workshop!

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Does the Money Matter?

This whole website and my program is called Money Making Makeup Artist, right? And the whole point is to create a profitable business based on your passions, right?

Have you seen this video? It was flying around Facebook last week and I have to say, it got a huge response. Watch it and let me know (you can comment here) how it made you feel or what you thought?

I am all about passion, and doing what you want and living the life you dream of. That is totally my mission and what I want for you too. After watching this, I thought about what I want. I challenge you to do the same. Tell me what it is that you want, if money didn’t matter.

Here is my list:

  • Build a profitable business doing hair and makeup for clients that I love. Being a part of special moments in their life and making them feel amazing.
  • Having time to take care of myself and my family.
  • Investing in my mental and physical strengths.

What are yours? What do you desire? How would you enjoy spending your life? Do that thing, forget the money, the money will come. Become a master and get that good fee for doing that thing you love.

There were some interesting comments as people shared this video. Some people said, “but money does matter”. Yes, making money to be able to support yourself and your family matters. But I think it was what would you do if you could eliminate the “I can’t afford it” (or Im scared to try) talk from your mind.

Nowhere in this video does the man say that you live a full and rich life by sitting on your tush, not doing anything. He doesn’t say that money doesn’t at all. He says that when it come to figuring out what you want to do, decide based on what you truly want to spend time doing. Then master that and build your business around it.

So, you want to be a makeup artist or stylist or skin care professional? Great!  Once you have mastered (or are mastering) your skill, you should be over here getting some info on turning that skill you are so passionate about into profit. You can expand your business and form a limited liability company in California or anywhere in the world to get exposure. If you have passion, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Make sure to get on the email list, you will get some free resources, like my guide to an awesome professional artist kit and how to apply for all the pro makeup artist resources. Just look at the top, under the logo, put in your name/email and click GIVE IT TO ME!

Along your journey, I challenge you to check in monthly with me on the goal setting videos. This has been so huge for me! I find that when I say my goals out loud that I am accountable for having to complete them. That way when I circle back next month, I can give you a good progress report. The challenge is for you to share your goals, either in the comments here or on the YouTube channel and we can hold each other accountable. Deal?

Now what are your personal, professional and health/wellness goals for this month? This is my January goals and December recap. Like/Comment/Subscribe to the channel!




How to build your online brand

A very common question in the world of Ask Emily, is how I got my business so much exposure and how my clients find me. For me, it has been my website. When I started I was totally clueless! I have learned so much as I have grown thru the business. I share my story of the website in the workshop, which you can more details on here.

When I started my website, I also started a blog. This was in 2008 and truthfully, I didn’t even know what a blog was! This was before the movie Julie/Julia came out. When my life-long friend, Nell, told me I needed to have one, I started one without question. This girl has talked me into many a crazy shenanigan with the simple, “You should totally do this” and it gets me every time! Now I am glad she did because that the birth of the blog. It has come a LONG way since then. Just recently, I moved to the WordPress platform and gave it a little facelift. What do you think? You can even subscribe to get new posts to your email now, thats fun!Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.22.15 AM

If you are going to start a blog, or even if you already have one, I would highly recommend that you get this book. I wish it was available when I started. After seeing this recommended on Twitter, I snatched it up and even after blogging for almost 5 years I learned so much. GET THIS BOOK!

Here are some basic bits of info that you need to know when starting your website.

  • First, buy your url. You should go here to do that. This is going to be the address, where people find your website. Like, for me its or You will renew this on a yearly basis, or you can buy it for multiple years (what I recommend) if you plan to stay in business, which you should. And you will save a little bit by purchasing several years in advance. Unless you automatically renew it, you have to make sure your domain doesn’t expire because your website will no longer work.
  • Hosting.  This is the physical server where your website lives, this is what holds your files and displays them on the world wide web. This is a monthly fee, the longer you get into contract with your host, the lower your monthly rate will be. I use Host Gator. I recommend go here to purchase your hosting. 


  • Blogging: I mentioned above that my blog has done great things for my business and exposure to my website. This website, Money Making Makeup Artist is actually a WordPress blog. You can use Word Press for your blog if you want add regular posts of articles or videos in addition to your static website.

There are two types of WordPress blogs: those that are hosted on the free site, and those that are hosted on your own paid web host. (See info on hosting above). If you go with the free version, you link will be, which may not look as professional and it doesn’t give you as many options. For more control over your site and more functionality, go with the option and host your own domain.

There are other free blogging platforms like and I’ve never used Tumblr but people love it. My first blog was on blogger and my personal blog still is.

My social media presence has also done a lot for getting my business more exposure and establishing myself as an expert. This is one of my favorite topics in our 3 week group workshop. Last year I finally branched out to YouTube and I am so proud that I have been accepted as a YouTube partner. Let me know what you think of the channel’s new facelift. Make sure to subscribe and comment/like/share your favorite videos. You can connect with me on all my social media streams, which you can find here.Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.03.30 PM


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