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  1. Hi Emily! happy new year!! I would like to be a part of your special offering of the 3-week audio course($97) expiring tomorrow if you have room! I just saw your post on FB about it!

    Let me know how to payand if you have room.

    Thanks soo much!

    • A portfolio is a great way to show examples of your work and experience. There is no one way to start. You can go to cosmetology or makeup school or you can start assisting a more experienced artist.

  2. hello, I would love to take your six week program but at this moment money is the problem.. 🙁 anyways hopefully in a future. I have a question do you think that an online make up academy will give the same certification? make up is my passion im a mom of two and I live in a really small town where there is no make up school near and cosmetology is not something im interested, as of now im taking online training I don’t know if you have heard of rpm online make up academy? do you think that could count as me becoming a professional or at least certified make up artist

    • Hey Jeraldine- I am emailing you some ideas and also the link to be a part of our affiliate program. You can get cash for referring people to the workshop we are having!

  3. Hey Emily,
    I’m a 16 year old girl and I am extremely interested in becoming a makeup artist. The only thing that throws me is the income I would be receiving whilst I am in training or whatever I’m doing to start out. I’m trying to get as much experience as I can while I’m young so I’m more qualified when I’m older. Is there anything that you could recommend that would help me out? Like how to get contacts and experience and what not, or anything that helped you when you first entered the industry. It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou heaps and heaps,

  4. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for your site and great info! I want to make my own website and try to get it seen in google searches. For many years I did not collect photos for a portfolio. But now that will change. I guess my question is what the best kind of DIY website, any tips on using my own camera to take great photos of my bridal parties, oh and I want to market myself as bridal mua. Or any tips to get my hands on pro photos of my brides? I need to get some good photos together, do the website, and create a fb page. Any tips would be awesome!!!!! Thanks again.

    • Collecting photos of your work is a lot of work but totally worth it. You can learn how to take good pictures yourself or you can ask your clients to give you photos after the event. I like to touch base with the professional photographers that my clients use and ask them to share some of the images from the event. That gives me great pictures to use for my website and blog but also lets me create a friendship and professional connection with the photographer that often leads to other jobs. Since everyone has an iPhone these days and social media is HUGE, you can start by snapping some phone pics and sharing them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to start showing off your work. These photos arent ideal for your portfolio or website because the quality isnt great but it gives you a way to show people that you are working and a taste of what you can do.

  5. Hello,
    I am interested in launching a business makeup page and portfolio early next year. I absolutely love beauty and fashion and aspire to be a professional makeup artist someday. Do you suggest I attend a makeup school first and have my makeup certificate before doing so? Or should I just consider myself a freelancer and go ahead and make it happen. I really want to get my name and work out there.

  6. Hey
    I am 18 and I want to start doing freelance makeup . I love doing hair and makeup I’m starting cosmetology on January . I need some advice on how should I start , what do I need in my makeup kit and how to get people come to me to get their makeup done . I’ll appreciate it if you send me some ideas and advices .

    • Hey Jasmine! Right now I would suggest focusing on school and getting some experience doing the type of work you are interested in. Maybe reach out to an established artist in your area and offer to apprentice for them. That will give you some insight on the type of work you want to do and how you should build your kit.

  7. Hello,

    I am 19 years of age and I am looking at doing a professional make up artist course and then after qualifying setting up my own business to do like a pamper party make up etc.

    I was wondering if you could advise on what products are best to buy with a minimal amount of money, I want to get started quickly!

    My sister does Hair, so I thought we could offer a good package together.

    I was just really after some advice in starting out and what you would advise best to do to get started with correct products and building a clientele , it would be a mobile business.

    Thanks in advance!
    Lauren 🙂

  8. Hi Emily,
    I am 20 and have been working as a freelance MUA for 10 months now. I am finding the industry extremely tough, there’s so much competition and people who like to take advantage of makeup artists. However I have always had a huge passion for makeup and beauty and am determined to succeed! I want to open my own makeup studio, where I am offering only makeovers and basic hairstyling to clients. Since graduating from my course in london, I have worked in different makeover photography studios, worked on catwalk shows and photoshoots, and worked for an online retail company. But I’m really lost as to where to start with owning my own studio. I haven’t taken my business skills any further than GCSE level, and am worried I need to go back in to studying business in order to make it successful. Please Help! Thankyou.

  9. Hello my name is Angela Brown, I am a free lance make up artist looking for a mentor to help guide me in becoming a successful make up artist. I am starting from scratch and would love some of your advice. First what all I would need to stock my traveling kit with etc. Please if you could help me I would really appreciate it..Thank you

    • Hey Angela! Thanks for touching base, I would love to mentor you. I hope you get some good tips from the blog. If you would like more one on one help, send me an email and lets talk more!

  10. Hi Emily my name is prerana n I am a freelance mkup artist n stay in mumbai India. my passion about mkup made me learn this art n now since 2 yrs i am in this field wen Iwas learning I never knew I will tk it as profession but after I did the course it came in my mind why not educate others with this lovely art of grooming themself n feel confident, bcoz at many public places I use to see ppl dressed up in lovely outfits but face very dull n not matching their attire, so I starterd taking one is to one batch of how to learn mkup for urself but to ask u now the prob is I wanna grow my work n earn mk money so not getting write way how to proceed further pls help, I want to tk workshops in diff places n grow I wanna earn fame with my wrk reading ur post gave me a boost dont kbow felt like u can give me advice 🙂 Help

  11. Hi Emily, I have just stumbled across your fab website and love it! I’ve always had a passion for make up, I’ve always made up friends for special events so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and educate myself in make up and have enlisted onto a make up course.

    In preparation, I’m trying to complete a business plan to help me to stay focused and ensure I ultimately make a living/business with one of my passions. Do you have any hints and tips in completing a business plan…I’m struggling a little at the moment as I feel it’s all guess work until I get started and I have all the ideas in my head.

    I know my market (I’m based in Sydney), getting trained in UK (home country), I have a rough idea how I will market my skills, I need a name, I need to register with all the official bodies (tax/small business places/banks), I need a website, I roughly know what I will charge (based on my experience)

    I would love to hear your thoughts.


  12. Hi Emily! Thanks for this awesome website! I was just wondering how many shades of airbrush makeup I should have in my kit when starting out? Eventually I would like to have all of the Dinair foundations, but they are a little pricey.

    • Hi Shandy! It depends on the type of clients you work with. I use Temptu and I have all of their shades, in smaller sizes, in my kit but the 3 shades I use most often, I have the larger size. If that makes sense. I would recommend stocking up on the shades that you uses most and then maybe a few lighter or darker that you can mix to get the color you need.

  13. Hello Emily. Your advice is very helpful to me.I would like to be a make up artist and I live in China.Don’t know if I can have an online course with you.I really want to because it’s my passion but don’t know where to begin.Can you be of help to me.I’m eager to hear from you.Thanks.

  14. Hi Emily,
    I just found your website and I’m finding it very helpful. I’ve been an esthetician for years and want to transition to mainly freelance makeup. I want to make my own website and social media presence but I’m unsure if i should just go by my name or come up with a unique business name. What would you suggest?

    • Naming your business is one of those things (like pretty much all decisions for you biz) that goes back to the Ideal Client exercise and thinking about the long term vision of your business. Have you had a chance to check out the Ideal Client guide on the Shop page?

  15. Hi I am a Bridal MUA and my business is growing and I’m looking to build a team for my larger wedding how do I do this with out taking a total loss and remain a fair employer please help I have some large wedding coming up I cannot handle alone. Thank you in advance
    P.s I would also like to know if you have tips for how to create a response page for my clients when they subscribe to my site and when they inquire about services I just email them personally now but I would like to have a template.

  16. Hi I am Chelle a Bridal MUA and my business is growing and I’m looking to build a team for my larger wedding how do I do this with out taking a total loss and remain a fair employer please help I have some large wedding coming up I cannot handle alone. Thank you in advance
    P.s I would also like to know if you have tips for how to create a response page for my clients when they subscribe to my site and when they inquire about services I just email them personally now but I would like to have a template.

  17. I commend you on having such an informative site. I’m looking to start off as a freelance MUA. I have done makeup for my friends and family for years and would really like to expand and be able to charge for my services. I live in NY and can’t find a straight answer as to whether or not I need a license to do so. Can you please clarify? Thanks again.

  18. Hi Emily

    I have just started my makeup and hair business would you please send me a list of must have basics and also a list of all the professional discounts!

    Thank you

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