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How did I find such a fabulous artist like Chris to share with you? Well, I asked and I received.  Yep, it was that easy. In a business coaching program that I am currently working on, I posted in our group that I am looking for interesting, successful stylist/makeup artists to feature here. Boy did I hit the jackpot with Chris!

Thanks so much to Chris for sharing your answers with us. Keep your eyes out for the next interview. As usual, we will have a new post each week and feature at least one artist per month. If you (or someone you know) would like to share your story, please contact me!

Now, for our Q & A with Chris!

How did you get started?

I got my start with makeup in theater, I used to be a dancer and had many girl friends who always wanted me to do their makeup. Many said I was very good at it, so I tried retail for a while. That lasted about 6 years, till I hated it so hard I needed a change, so I said I want to do this professionally, I want to work fashion week and film and television. I quit the retail world and went to makeup school for FX, while there building my book and doing photo shoots, also working on Inde. films. worked my butt off then eventually applied to the Makeup union. Long story short I got in, and here I am.meairbrush

What brought you to the beauty industry?

I have Always been fascinated by makeup even from an early age, watching my mother put on makeup. Halloween was always my favorite holiday, love to just create different disguises. Retail was really my first venture into the industry, I learned a lot, and the training i got there laid the roadblocks to where I am today. Working with different faces and skin tones it’s a good training ground.

What do you specialize in?
Well I am a Makeup Artist, that does just about everything. From Beauty to Special effects to Body painting.
What is the coolest client or gig you have ever landed?
Well that would have to be touring the world with Madonna, Twice. Its a wild ride, I got to see the world, and work for one the biggest and greatest pop stars ever.
What product or tool is your favorite, one that you can’t live without?

My brushes are really important to me, I have every brand under the sun but my all time favorites are from a japanese brand Hakuhodo.

What was the biggest challenge to starting your own freelance business? How do you stay motivated?

It can be scary at first but starting out in this business is not easy, it’s getting very over saturated with artists making the paid work very hard to come by. So getting the paying clients and keeping them is the hard part. It all comes down to networking and staying on people’s ray-dars. I love what I do and am very lucky to be making a decent living doing what I love, that in itself is motivation enough. You get some slow periods and just when you start to panic the phone always rings with work, usually all for the same day too haha.
Any other tips or advice you would give to someone just starting?
NETWORK!! with everyone and everywhere. also keep it simple. Many new artists make the mistake of going full on with makeup but restraint is key, clean and simple beauty brings in the paying jobs.
Keep up with Chris on his website here and social media!
Twiiter @Chrismaquillage
Some of Chris’s newest work
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15 thoughts on “Chris Milone Interview

  1. Yes Chris is a great makeup artist. I am his Mom. Happy to know my inspiration and his perseverance got him to the place he is today. Coming from a long line of beautiful and vain woman, makeup and hair was very important. Also being an artist Chris brought it to the next level. I have always been very supportive and I am a very proud Mom. Love u always

    • Beautiful! Thanks Joann. You should be proud. He is clearly talented, hard working and humble. A great example for those who are aspiring to do great things!

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  7. Chis is one of the nicest makeup artists in the biz! He is one of the handful of artists I am always inspired by. He gave me such great advice years ago when I started out and I’ll always be grateful to him for being so generous!

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