Desperately Seeking Susan


Who remembers this movie? Anyone? Did I just date myself as a total child of the 80s? Well, if you’ve never seen it or heard of it, I must advise you to add this to your list of things to do in your spare time.  But for those of us who knew remember it, you had a very specific image of Madonna, circa 1985.

Today I was on a walk and I was thinking about my ideal client and how that has changed with my business over the years. Now, if I can be 100% honest, when I was first getting started my ideal client was anyone who would hire me. When I would hear other entrepreneurs talk about their ideal client so specifically, I would almost giggle and think it was silly to have such a specific profile of who you want to be your customer or client. Why would you turn away a customer to wanted to pay for your services?

I thought I had it all figured out. I was so busy, fully booked and then some. I was turning people away! But, I was working myself like crazy and starting to really get a bit worn down. So I raised my prices, and that helped. But I didn’t see the relief that I had needed until I finally got clear on who my ideal client was. I always knew what I did, I was 100% clear on the service that I provided but I was so focused on building my business that I took every client who called. At the time, I thought that was the only way to build a business. Boy was I wrong!


Now that I have taken the time to really get clear on who my ideal client is, an image comes to my mind of that specific person. I can see her face, just like I see Madonna if anyone says “Desperately Seeking Susan”. Yep, there was a point the earlier reference. I wasn’t just giving you a trip down memory lane.

Now that I have gotten clear on who my ideal client is, I can laser focus my energy on targeting and serving them the way I want to. One of my favorite exercises in the MMMUA workshop is the ideal client exercise. I strongly advise anyone in any business to do this exercise. It is life changing!

Why? Why would you want to turn away someone who doesn’t fit that ideal client profile you’ve created? Even when they are ready to hand over their credit card? Your ideal client is someone who “gets” you and what what you can do for them.

They make it easy to work for them. When you are are the same page, you can (and you will totally want to) not only be amazing at what they’ve paid you to do, but you will go above and beyond for them. They will be so wowed by you that they can’t stop singing your praises. This will result in them referring you to other people who are probably alot like them and your business will boom! All that booming business will be full of YOUR CLIENT!


Now don’t you want a client list full of folks who love what you do and how you do it and can’t wait to tell the world? What’s the first step? Really get specific on who that person is. Create a profile of them that feels so real you can see them. When you know they aren’t a good fit, you can refer them to someone who can serve them better. How awesome of you! And you just saved yourself a ton of trouble from a potential unhappy client.

In my experience, it is best to be 100% upfront and transparent with your clients. It is YOUR responsibility to give them as much information as possible before they hire you so they are confident in what you can do for them. This will insure that you have happy clients throughout the entire process of working with them.

Tell them what they can expect! You notice that on the Work with Me page, I specifically tell people who are thinking about taking a workshop with me, who it IS and is NOT for. That way when we get to the end of the program they are not surprised when I haven’t taught them skill based things, like how to nail the perfect blow out.

The workshop is about building your business. You can talk with others in the private Facebook group about your favorite products and how to use them. People share their favorite YouTube videos and books you can learn from. I don’t teach that directly but you can learn a ton from networking with your new friends in the group. Since my ideal client for business coaching is clear on this, I am able to help her establish her business, reach her target client and become a better artist.

Is that you? If you are my target client, make sure to get yourself on the email list so you don’t miss out on any info that I only send to VIPs. Do you know someone who is looking to build their makeup business? Send them over here and share the wealth. There is plenty to go around!

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