Ready for Action! Save 20-40% on products for your Pro MUA kit

This post is to help you save time and money. Those are 2 things we all need more of!

As follow up the last post that had some of my favorite Money Saving Tips. You can see that here and feel free to leave a comment to share your favorite money saving tip. Sharing is caring!

Speaking of sharing, when you sign up for the email list (just put your name and email in under the logo and hit GIVE IT TO ME!) I like to share lots of stuff with you. One of the things I like to share is the list of all of the professional discounts you can get and where to apply for them. These are GOLD! They can save you so much money buying the things you need and love to use.

professional makeup artist discount program

For most of these, you need to submit one or more forms of proof  that you are a working professional. To save you time, keep these organized and together so you can quickly attach them with your application. Most ask for one or two of the following:

  • copy of your valid cosmetology license
  • a crew/call sheet on production letterhead
  • an agency comp card
  • a website promoting your work as an artist
  • tearsheet with a name credit
  • valid union card
  • business card
  • professional letter of reference

It took me FOREVER to put this list together so please enjoy it and take advantage of every professional discount offer for products you love. If I missed one that you know about, leave a comment below to the link where to apply and I will add it to the list. Get on that list now!

And save 20-40% off of the products you LOVE!

We are getting ready to start the awesome 6 week course on building your own MMMUA biz. Check out this page for more info like how to register, when it starts and what it includes!

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