Money Making Makeup Artist, is a program that does exactly what title says: it helped me turn my passion and art into a profitable business. In the week after I completed the program, I was literally “fully booked”, all with paying jobs. I couldn’t believe it! And I’ve been very busy (and profitable) ever since.

Emily from Money Making Makeup Artist gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take my makeup career to the next level. She was there for one-on-one chats whenever I needed it and really listened to my concerns and questions about the industry. I felt as she understood who I was as an artist and a business person. She gave me advice specific to my interests and abilities, but most importantly, she pushed me to take chances and make connections, with overwhelmingly positive results.

In the short time since I’ve completed the program, I’ve worked as the lead makeup artist for national tv pilot and have done a ton of freelance commercial work. I was also hired on with one of my favorite high end cosmetics brands as a demo artist, which led to me becoming a regional sales representative for the company!

Thank you so much, Emily for your support and direction, customized to my unique needs. No matter what kind of artist you are, I recommend the program for anyone who is serious about advancing their makeup career.
Nicolette, British Columbia 2014

The MMMUA program literally changed the course of my career in so many positive ways.  It gave invaluable information on topics that every business owner should know, in a fun, motivating format which made the work not feel like work at all.

Emily has a way of speaking and delivering information in each module that is retainable and really made me more and more excited to dig in and get started on things like building my website, filling in the gaps in my portfolio and making sure that I am prepared to both network and complete my taxes!

If you are interested in this industry and are ready to be serious about the process and the outcome, then MMMUA will be an experience that you will be grateful for.—- L. Greenwood, 2012


Emily Hudspeth’s MMMUA is a great program for beginning and intermediate artist to begin and/or improve their careers. Emily uses her experience to give advise on topics such as how to grab the attention of your target clients, working to create an identity for yourself and how to market that identity as a brand. During the course you learn how to earn an income as an artist and how to manage your finances.

I would recommend this program to other artists that are serious about improving their careers and that want to save time and money in the process.– T. Evans, 2012


Growing up, I knew I was destined to be in the beauty industry. I knew I had the talent but I didn’t know how to run my business to be a successful freelancer. MMMUA has transformed my love for makeup into money in my pocket! Emily has been so gracious to teach me the ins and outs of freelance work. She explained the itty bitty details you need in a contract to cover yourself legally, how to find your ideal client and how to market yourself. She shares everything she has learned through her own experiences so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. You may think you have a general idea of what it takes to start up your own business, but you’d be surprised. Are you familiar with filing taxes? Do you know if you want to work solely in fashion or bridal? What do you say to a client that is inquiring about your prices? Do you even know how to set your prices? These were all things that never even occured to me, until I enrolled in this program. Overhead costs, supplies and expenses VS revenues aren’t exactly what I picture when I think of a makeup artist. These classes helped open my eyes to a world that you don’t relate with makeup. I encourage anyone with any inclinations of a career in beauty to join. Fast forward to a few weeks later and here I am, doing exactly what I have always loved, and getting paid to do it!

Sara B., 2012


“The 1:1 session with Emily after MMMUA finished was really helpful because I had some time to let all the information sink in and see what questions were still lingering regarding my business.  Emily’s encouraging disposition and kind words made me feel recharged and ready to tackle my refreshed to-do list.  I am 100% certain that my business is better and has a much brighter and far-reaching future because of this course and the 1:1 time with an industry professional that I admire.”

Logan G., 2013

“The Money Making Makeup Artist course was beyond helpful and imperative to my growth as not only a makeup artist, but as a professional and now a business owner! From where I was when I started Money Making Makeup Artist to where I am now, I have grown leaps and bounds. I gained invaluable industry knowledge, was able to streamline my goals and business strategy, but most importantly, Money Making Makeup Artist gave me confidence to turn my dreams into a reality and to set me on a path for success. Emily breaks everything down week by week, and gives you feedback on your ideas and helps guide you when you have questions. Emily is a fantastic mentor and a tremendously talented makeup artist and I cannot recommend her or this course enough.”
M. Healy, 2014

Money Making Makeup Artist came at a perfect time for me. I was in the midst of reworking my career from a total focus on film and television to shifting back to photo shoot’s and short films due to my school schedule. MMMUA gave me the confidence to continue as a makeup artist and rework my business plan rather giving up. From the networking tips, the preferred customer profile, and the portfolio advice, I must say I am in a better place six weeks later than in the beginning. I am so thankful for everything I learned and am excited to continue as a Money Making Makeup Artist!

Heather Toler

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