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19 thoughts on “Subscribe!

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  7. Hi,
    I just subscribed to the site. I would like some help on how to start my own business as a makeup artist and make it successful. Do you have a list of must have basics or a list of all the professional discounts?

  8. First i want to say , i really love this site, and it is so kind of you to use ur time to help others. I really love to do makeup, i live in norway and i just decided to start my own makeup artist buisness, and i really dont know anything about how to do that buisness part, and i really appreciate if u could help me , give me all the advice that i need. I also wonder is there any place i could purchase makeup without it being so expencive, or if there are some discounts or anything useful for me. Really hope you can help, thank u so much Emily! 😀

    • Hi Marie, you are so welcome! You will get the list of discounts you can use when you join the email list. See the subscribe page for more info.

  9. I subscribed! I cannot wait to hear you’re advice!!! I have been trying to start my own MUA business since one of my twins was diagnosed with ASD. I can work around her schedule 🙂 I’d love any and everything you have to offer to help me get this off the ground :):)

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