Kit Building Tips. Lighten Your Load!

If you are like me and you are on location with your clients, you want to keep your kit as light and efficient as possible, while also still having what you need. Which one of these campers looks like you showing up on set?


Here are some tips on packing light but still being prepared!

1. Repackage anything possible into a travel size container.

Inexpensive 2 oz containers can be picked up at the dollar store. Having products without labels allows you to use inexpensive drugstore products along with your more high products without your client being swayed by packaging and labels.  Having it repackaged in smaller quantities exposed less product to the elements which extends their shelf life.

2. Depot!

Use palettes like Z Palette or Japonesque to organize shadows and lipsticks in a way that makes them more visible and take up less space in your kit.JaponesqueLipWell.

Removing lipsticks from the tubes makes it much easier to custom blend a shade for your client and saves time of sorting thru tubes to find the shade you want! This also removes brand awareness and allows you to place your Chanel color next to a Revlon shade.

Check out Z Palette for loads of options for depotting and creating your own palettes. They even show you how to depot and build your own custom collection! If this is too labor intensive you can always purchase palettes and even create you own custom versions with brands like MAC cosmetics with their refillable Pro Palette.
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.53.22 PM

3. Get Creative!

That should be a problem for you, right? You are an artist! Yes, there are a ton of containers and palettes out there designed to streamline your kit but you don’t have to choose those. Like I have said SO MANY TIMES, there is no one way to do this. Your kit is unique to you and the clients you serve. So build the kit that works for you.

You may even find a better fit for what you need going outside our industry. Check out craft stores, hardware stores and office supply stores! Sewing and scrapbook supplies are amazing and if you download the Hobby Lobby app you can save 40% on something every day (except Sunday).

I keep my eye and lip liners in a pencil box! They are pencils, right? The hard case will protect them and keep them organized.

These are a few things I do to streamline. Do you have a system that is working for you? Let us know in the comments! Share your genius. Borrow ideas from fellow artists. Your back will thank you!

BONUS 4th Tip— Go back to the previous post on how to do more with less.

(Hint- know how to build or sheer your foundation to manipulate the coverage and custom blend your shades)

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Did you miss this post on 13 things to add to your makeup kit today? Or this one on how to get the most coverage and shade options using fewer products? Learn to layer or sheer out foundations and custom blend shades to stock less product in your kit! Life changing.

Happy Kit Building!


February Instagram Challenge!

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Photo Challenge!

In February, I thought it would be fun to do a challenge. We can share pics from our kits of some of our favorite things. I thought this would help inspire us. I always like to see what other artists love. Since February is all about love, what better time to share!

Win this fun collection of OCC liners and Lip Tars (+ a brush) ! Over a $100 value to add to your kit. 


Here’s the deal…

  1. Runs Feb 1-Feb 28
  2. Person with the most entries wins the prize (shown below)
  3. Winner must follow the MMMUA Instagram page
  4. Repost the 21 day challenge photo at least once to let us know you are in
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  9. We encourage everyone, everywhere to participate and get excited about sharing kit secrets. However, I am only able to ship the prize within the US only, no international shipping available. Sorry!

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Following & tagging the page and using the hashtags (correctly) are how we keep track of your entries!!! Tag your friends who would want to join the fun.

Comment to let us know if you are going to enter! We just like to hear you get excited! (and it could be a potential tie breaker entry, if it comes to that.)

If you are an over achiever, you may want to do these extras to earn some bonus points, in the event we need to break a tie. Here are some options….

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