Goals That Stick

Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organised their energies around a goal.

Elbert Hubbard



Preach! Right? Who wants to be throwing their hands up and celebrating their wins this year? I know I do!

Hey ya’ll its mid February and I know some of you have already kind of given up on those resolutions. I don’t even make them anymore, well I never really did because I know I am never serious about them.

What am I serious about? Goals!

Who wants to take a refreshed (my word for 2016!) start and get cracking on what you want to make happen this year?

I am excited for you and I am here to help you make it happen. Yesterday I sent out an email to the list (are you on it? get updates here!)  to see who wanted to jump on a call with me to chat for 30 minutes. I only had 3 spots and they ALL got filled in less than 45 minutes.

Seeing you guys take action on your goals gets me all kinds of jazzed. I am so excited to chat with these girls!

But then I got sad because my inbox was flooded with folks who wanted one of the 3 spots but didn’t get there fast enough. When I woke up this morning, I wanted to do something for everyone.

By this afternoon, I was still so excited and opened up some spaces in my calendar for us to have more time to talk. Check it out here to schedule your spot. Use the code SAVE20 to save 20% off, available for a limited time!

That inspired this blog post and worksheet (you can download here)

I challenge you to be S.M.A.R.T.

This may be old news. I certainly am not claiming to have made it up. But setting your goals in a S.M.A.R.T. mindset will pretty much guarantee your success. I challenge you to download this worksheet here for free and put pen to paper.

There is something about getting your messy thoughts out of your brain, using your hand to put them on paper makes them magically come to life. Writing them down makes them real. And real is more attainable.

If you have never heard of the S.M.A.R.T. system, let me break it down for you so you can get cracking.

Last year I did something I NEVER thought I could or would do. I ran my first half marathon! I signed up and started training when my daughter was 4 months old and ran this race when she was 8 months old. I never thought I would do this (and wouldn’t have done it without help and motivation from my friends!). If you have something big you want to do, use the S.M.A.R.T. system to get you to the finish line.SubstandardFullSizeRender-2

S.= Specific

Specific. Get really, really specific about your goal. It should also stretch you a little outside of your comfort zone. What is fun about doing something super easy? Challenge yourself!

What do I mean? Instead of saying, I want to lose some weight this year and get in shape….Try saying I want to complete a half marathon this year. Take it even further, pick a race and sign up. Registering for races isn’t cheap and find that when I put money on the line for anything I am more likely to stick it out.

I sometimes still can't believe that was me!

M.= Measureable

Measureable. You have to be able to measure it so you know that it is complete. It should also be meaningful and motivational to you. Why do you want to do this? For me, running this race was something I wanted to do for myself and also to show my daughter that you can do anything! I was totally emotional on race day and getting to kiss her sweet face at the finish line motivated me to keep on trucking.

What does that mean? Once you get specific, you can know how to measure it. If you want to finish a half marathon, you will know it is complete when you cross that finish line. Just signing up or picking up your race day packet is not completing the goal! You have to cross the finish line and get your medal!


A. = Achievable

Achievable or attainable. Now I am the first person to cheer you on and say you can do anything girlfriend! But if I am going to get real with myself, and I have to do that from time to time, even though I am a pretty good swimmer, I probably couldn’t/shouldn’t try to go out and swim across the Atlantic Ocean like Jennifer Figge did in 2009. If you want some serious inspo, check out this story about her solo trans-Atlantic swim here. 

What is achievable for you? If you are in your first year of booking weddings as a makeup artist, maybe you want to book 10-15 weddings this year. Maybe you do more and next year your goal is 20+.  You want to be able to achieve this goal but (back to the S) have it stretch you just enough so that you feel challenged. It won’t feel as good if you make it too easy on yourself!

R. = Reason/Result

This is your WHY! When I signed up, trained for and completed the half marathon last year my daughter was my WHY. She was born in March 2015 and ya’ll she is an amazing and straight up magical creature. A true star and independent woman from the first day of her life, I can tell that she was given to me to keep me on my toes.

Why was she my why? Well, I wanted to do it for myself. It was a good way for me to stay on track to losing the baby weight and physical activity keeps me sane. I was able to do some of my training runs with her in the stroller and I did my longer runs every week with my team so that gave me some much needed alone time.


I feel like doing this made me a better mom. It forced me to take care of myself (moms are the worst at making themselves a priority!) which made me better able to take care of my family. Most of all, I wanted her to see that she could do anything. Especially with a great support system and plan in place.

This sweet face is totally what kept me going! She is my why!


T. = Timely

In order to be successful, you need to give yourself the time to make it happen. But not too much time or it will never happen! You probably can’t wake up tomorrow and build your own website in an hour, if you have no experience. But if you gave yourself 3 years to get your website up and running, you would probably drag your feet and no get much done because it doesn’t feel urgent.

Set that deadline! And make an appointment in your calendar to make your action steps a priority. Our group (#prettytoughmothers on Instagram) trained for this race over the course of 3 months. For two of us, we had never run more than 2 miles without stopping, so the fact we were able to work our way up to 12 nonstop miles in 12 weeks together was impressive. Every Saturday or Sunday, we met up in our neighborhood and did a little more each week  than had done the week before.


We stayed together and when one of us wanted to quit, we encouraged the other to keep going. Between the three of us, we had 7 smalls kids from 8 months to 6 years old! There were days that we did these long runs on no sleep and after a long week of being everything to everyone in our houses. And don’t even get me started on having to get up an hour early to pump or nurse before we ran. Running 10 miles when you are breastfeeding is a special kind of challenge for sure!


Can you tell how much I am struggling here? This is around the 10th mile and I had gotten separated from my teammate for a little while. I was struggling! Not going to lie, I shed a few tears and totally thought about quitting (but my phone was dead so I couldn’t call anyone to come pick me up!) but I connected to my WHY and caught back up to her. I was so thankful for my team and all they had done to encourage each other and keep us all going!

That brings me to another important part of setting big goals. Finding your support system. Some people call it your tribe/squad/crew/clique/mastermind, but whatever it is, you have to know you has your back. I knew throughout that entire training process that we would always be there for each other and that kept me going.


Who is on your team? Find some support and accountability. If you don’t have it, let me know how I can help. We can schedule some time to talk here! With the rebrand in April, I am going to be releasing some new ways that I can support you. I am not offering the group workshops and training at this time but you can buy the guide on the shop page or snag a coaching session (sometimes they are free if you sign up in time!).

And remember to celebrate along the way! You are doing great.

xoxo #prettytoughmothers + #sloanejolie

xoxo #prettytoughmothers + #sloanejolie

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Streamline and Save Time

You know that two of my favorite things are saving time and saving money. I recently shared some of my favorite money saving tips here and then a follow up post that was kind of a combo of both time/money savings here.


If it is in your budget, you can get an assistant to help you get twice as much work done. My budget was always on a shoe string when growing my business and this little chihuahua side kick of mine, Jasmine, doesn’t work as hard as I do. If you follow me on Instagram (@emilyhudspeth), you will see alot of Jasmine sleeping. But back to the original message, choosing your streamlining efforts wisely.

Today is all about streamlining to save time. One thing that is super critical to keeping myself on track is making sure to schedule EVERYTHING and to have systems that make things happen automatically.

For example, when I write a blog post, I automatically schedule it to post when I want then I head on over to HootSuite.com and schedule that to be posted to my Facebook pages (personal and business fan pages), and Twitter. That way I know that it is going to be scheduled to go out automatically at least 10 times over the next month. If you want people to see your posts, make sure it doesn’t get lost in all that Facebook feed clutter out there. This is a simple step that takes only a minute and you can rest easily knowing that your content is going out when you want it to.

When I discovered a site call IFTTT.com , it totally changed my life. Ok, that may be extreme but it streamlined some things to make my life easier. If you are on multiple social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), you may feel like it is a lot to keep up with. I know I do!  With IFTTT.com you can create “recipes” for social media interactions. These recipes are based on an “if this” happens, then “that” will happen. For example, If I post a photo on Instagram that has the #beauty in the description, that photo will be posted to my Facebook business page for my makeup artist business.


So, not all Instagram photos go there. Fans are not interested in the daily photo of my sleeping doggie, Jasmine.  The photos that are related to my business are sent there only when they have the #beauty in the description. Pretty cool, right!

We are getting ready to start the awesome 6 week course on building your own MMMUA biz. Check out this page for more info like how to register, when it starts and what it includes!



How to build your online brand

A very common question in the world of Ask Emily, is how I got my business so much exposure and how my clients find me. For me, it has been my website. When I started I was totally clueless! I have learned so much as I have grown thru the business. I share my story of the website in the workshop, which you can more details on here.

When I started my website, I also started a blog. This was in 2008 and truthfully, I didn’t even know what a blog was! This was before the movie Julie/Julia came out. When my life-long friend, Nell, told me I needed to have one, I started one without question. This girl has talked me into many a crazy shenanigan with the simple, “You should totally do this” and it gets me every time! Now I am glad she did because that the birth of the blog. It has come a LONG way since then. Just recently, I moved to the WordPress platform and gave it a little facelift. What do you think? You can even subscribe to get new posts to your email now, thats fun!Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.22.15 AM

If you are going to start a blog, or even if you already have one, I would highly recommend that you get this book. I wish it was available when I started. After seeing this recommended on Twitter, I snatched it up and even after blogging for almost 5 years I learned so much. GET THIS BOOK!

Here are some basic bits of info that you need to know when starting your website.

  • First, buy your url. You should go here to do that. This is going to be the address, where people find your website. Like yourbusinessname.com, for me its emilyhudspeth.com or moneymakingmakeupartist.com. You will renew this on a yearly basis, or you can buy it for multiple years (what I recommend) if you plan to stay in business, which you should. And you will save a little bit by purchasing several years in advance. Unless you automatically renew it, you have to make sure your domain doesn’t expire because your website will no longer work.
  • Hosting.  This is the physical server where your website lives, this is what holds your files and displays them on the world wide web. This is a monthly fee, the longer you get into contract with your host, the lower your monthly rate will be. I use Host Gator. I recommend go here to purchase your hosting. 


  • Blogging: I mentioned above that my blog has done great things for my business and exposure to my website. This website, Money Making Makeup Artist is actually a WordPress blog. You can use Word Press for your blog if you want add regular posts of articles or videos in addition to your static website.

There are two types of WordPress blogs: those that are hosted on the free www.wordpress.com site, and those that are hosted on your own paid web host. (See info on hosting above). If you go with the free version, you link will be yourbusinessname.wordpress.com, which may not look as professional and it doesn’t give you as many options. For more control over your site and more functionality, go with the wordpress.org option and host your own domain.

There are other free blogging platforms like blogspot.com and tumblr.com. I’ve never used Tumblr but people love it. My first blog was on blogger and my personal blog still is.

My social media presence has also done a lot for getting my business more exposure and establishing myself as an expert. This is one of my favorite topics in our 3 week group workshop. Last year I finally branched out to YouTube and I am so proud that I have been accepted as a YouTube partner. Let me know what you think of the channel’s new facelift. Make sure to subscribe and comment/like/share your favorite videos. You can connect with me on all my social media streams, which you can find here.Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.03.30 PM


We are getting ready to start the awesome 6 week course on building your own MMMUA biz. Check out this page for more info like how to register, when it starts and what it includes!